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THE THOROUGH and devastating report by the State Department's Inspector General concerning Hillary Clinton's emails has blasted away all the former Secretary of State's excuses and rationales. For instance, Clinton never received legal... [Read More]
It's remarkable how fast discussion of Hillary Clinton's vice presidential selection process has been reduced to one question: Will she pick Elizabeth Warren? It's understandable. Warren is probably the most popular and... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders said it would be a "terrible idea" for Democrats to recruit Vice President Joe Biden to run against Donald Trump if Hillary Clinton gets indicted in the FBI's investigation into her... [Read More]
and win. [Read More]
Joe Biden suggested the time for securing gun control has come and gone and the Obama administration will likely not get another shot at it. [Read More]
Donald Trump: Democrats 'Going to Slip Joe Biden In'... [Read More]
Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton faced some hard choices while playing "Who'd You Rather?" during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." For the game, DeGeneres gave Clinton some vice presidential options,... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's would rather have Tony Goldwyn, the actor and ABC's "Scandal" star, as her vice president than Sen. Bernie Sanders or Vice President Joe Biden. Or at least that is what... [Read More]
What I said to the Yale Class of 2016 Good afternoon class of 2016! For starters, I think I owe you an apology. I know what you were thinking.... [Read More]
The burn pits may have claimed the life of at least one celebrated veteran: Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden. [Read More]
Perez has spent his years at the helm of the labor department fighting for paid leave, overtime pay and visiting workers on the ground – and he's not done yet It's been a... [Read More]
WASHINGTON—Saying he didn't want any "cheap-ass, dull ones," Vice President Joe Biden quietly asked Barack Obama to pick him up some of those real throwing stars during his upcoming diplomatic visit to Japan,... [Read More]
Joe Biden: 'I've Never Been Gainfully Employed In My Life'... [Read More]
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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden shared 25 interesting things about himself with Us Weekly ('I had a debilitating stutter as a kid')— read more! [Read More]
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function onPlayerReadyVidible(e) [Read More]
When Joe Biden was 29 years old, he became one of the youngest people elected to the U.S. Senate. He has remained a member of the federal government in the 44 years that... [Read More]
During an otherwise routine tour promoting the new federal overtime rule, Joe Biden made an audacious claim on Wednesday while visiting an Ohio ice cream company. [Read More]
But the VP says he's not worried about a rift in the Democratic Party. [Read More]
Biden talked about his love for ice cream while speaking about the economy in Ohio. [Read More]
Politicians on the left like to say that budgets are "moral documents." As Vice President Joe Biden has said, "Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I will tell... [Read More]
Vice President Joe Biden will stop at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Headquarters in Columbus Wednesday afternoon for what the Obama administration is billing as an economic announcement. [Read More]
Biden's granddaughter and Trump's daughter both graduated from the University of Pennsylvania on Sunday. [Read More]
Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are scheduled to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania, but not on the stage as politicians - they'll be in the audience as parent... [Read More]
An army of federal agents is expected to join city and campus police Sunday night to protect Vice President Joe Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Franklin Field. Trump's daughter Tiffany... [Read More]
Biden, himself a 1968 alumnus of the College of Law, quoted from his son's convocation speech in 2011 and recalled the years Beau attended law school in Syracuse. [Read More]
On Thursday we learned, via Politico, that had Joe Biden run for president, he would have asked Elizabeth Warren to be his running mate. According to r ... [Read More]
details... [Read More]
Former US Speaker John Boehner says it is very likely that Hillary Clinton will withdraw from the presidential race due to her email scandal and Joe Biden jump in. [Read More]
Warren has so far not ruled out the possibility of accepting a vice presidential role should one come her way. [Read More]
Biden believes the Massachusetts senator would also make a good running mate for Hillary Clinton, Politico reports... [Read More]
You guys! I have been telling friends, colleagues, Chipotle cashiers, and random people on the street for months that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren wo ... [Read More]
Although Vice President Joe Biden for months weighed whether to launch a third bid for the presidency, Politico reported Thursday Biden knew he wanted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as his running mate from... [Read More]
and the event proved to be roughly as overhyped as Star Wars: Episode I - Phantom Menace. The ... ... [Read More]
Calling both scientists and citizen scientists... [Read More]
Joe Biden, who has declined to make an endorsement in the Democratic primary, said that he believes Hillary Clinton will win the party's nomination and win the general election, in which she is... [Read More]
Vice President Joe Biden all but formally endorsed Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton in a new interview. [Read More]
Biden commented on the race in an interview with Robin Roberts. [Read More]
Vice President Joe Biden on Friday indicated that he was disappointed in Donald Trump's taco bowl tweet on Cinco de Mayo, and said that he hopes the presumptive Republican nominee begins to talk... [Read More]
Vice President Joe Biden says Donald Trump beat the odds when he became the presumptive Republican nominee for president and that "we all make a mistake if we don't take [Trump] seriously." [Read More]

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