Museum Offers $25,000 To Missouri Meteor

LOUIS, Mo. — A $25,000 reward is being provided by the Maine Mineral, and Gem Museum for a part of a meteorite was seen streaking past St. Louis at night time on Monday. The prize goes to the person to bring in the primary piece of the meteorite that weighs at the least one-kilogram. That’s simply over two kilos of area rock.

The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum might be placing it in a spot of honor within the museum. The grand opening is on December 12, 2019. NASA says a meteor seen streaking by means of the sky behind the Gateway Arch in St. Louis was a basketball-size hunk of rock that broke off from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch studies that specialists used thousands of eyewitness accounts from as far away as South Dakota and Minnesota together with two videos to calculate details about the meteor. They decided that the roughly 220-pound (98-kilograms) rock traveled by way of the sky Monday night time at 33,500 mph, inflicting a sonic growth. A NASA weather satellite helped the company verify it was brighter than Venus within the sky, making it a fireball.

Bill Cooke, of the NASA Meteoroid Environments Office in Huntsville, Alabama, says it broke into items 12 miles above the bottom. For prospectors hoping to discover a fragment someplace within the Show-Me State? Will Snyder, manager of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium on the St. Louis Science Center, says you’re in all probability out of luck.

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