United Has Launched “Premium Economy” Class

“Premium Economy” Class Launched by United

I’m sure that many of you have endured the pain of traveling for long hours on a flight that doesn’t seem to end. To make matters worse, you are cramped, with no space to move. It appears that you can’t relax at all. On the other hand, the comfort of business class is expensive for the majority, and also many people who can afford it don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a trip that will end in less than a day.

So, if you’re stuck in between deciding to spend $7,000 on a business class ticket or having to endure a painful flight that lasts for eternity in coach, you’re in luck! United Airlines came up with a new class, that offers many perks that coach doesn’t have while not being as expensive as business class. The new class called premium economy class will provide seats with that have a deeper recliner when compared to those in the economy, free alcoholic beverages, amenity kits, and noise-reducing headphones.

While United’s competitors have already started to offer the premium economy class, but they are looking to expand it further.

When we looked up the prices for a trip from Newark to Hong Kong on April 12-19, 2019, the price was $1,071, and the price for a business class ticket was $7,050. While for the premium economy it was in between these two, it cost around $3,660.

According to United, the premium economy class will be called “Premium Plus,” and it will be available on May for 21 international routes. Service is expected to begin on March 30, 2019.

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