Scientist Found Electrospun Fiber as A New Treatment for Brain Tumors

Scientist Found Electrospun Fiber as A New Treatment for Brain Tumors

A novel engineering process can deliver a secure and efficient dose of medication for brain tumors without exposing patients to toxic unwanted side effects from traditional chemotherapy.

University of Cincinnati professor Andrew Steckl, working with researchers from Johns Hopkins University, developed a brand new therapy for glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM, an aggressive type of brain cancer. Steckl’s Nanoelectronics Laboratory utilized an industrial fabrication course of referred to as coaxial electrospinning to kind drug-containing membranes.

The treatment is implanted instantly into a part of the brain where the tumor is surgically removed. The research work was published in Nature Scientific Reports. Steckl is an Ohio Eminent Scholar and professor of electrical engineering in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Coaxial electrospinning combines two or more materials right into an effective fiber composed of a core of 1 material surrounded by a sheath of one other. This fabrication process permits researchers to benefit from the distinctive properties of every material to deliver a potent dose of drugs immediately or over time. The breakthrough is a continuation of work performed by analysis partners and co-authors Dr. Henry Brem and Betty Tyler at Johns Hopkins University, who in 2003 developed a regionally administered wafer treatment for brain tumors referred to as Gliadel.

Chemotherapy utilizing electrospun fiber improved survival rates in three separate animal trials that examined security, toxicity, membrane degradation, and efficacy.

Whereas this research used a single drug, researchers noted that one benefit of electrospinning is the ability to dispense a number of medications sequentially over a long-term release. The newest cancer treatments depend on a number of of-drug strategies to prevent drug resistance and improve efficacy.

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