Taxes: AFIP guaranteed SMEs a ceiling at 3% rates

After the complaints of SME businessmen for the rise in reimbursement and punitive rates for tax debts, the owner of the AFIP, Leandro Cuccioli, said that small businesses will have a ceiling of 3% per month.

These days, the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) had sent a letter to the Finance Minister, Nicolas Dujovne, questioning the increase in tax rates to refinance debts with the AFIP.

Resolution 59/2019 establishes that since March the rates for refinancing tax debts will be raised to 4.5% for compensatory interest and 5.6% for penalties, and will be updated periodically from April.

“We believe that, in a recessive context in which activity accumulates 13 months with decrease (…), the (measure) will generate (…) the closure of small and medium enterprises that are asphyxiated by the current economic situation “, indicated the missive.

In addition, the entity said, the measure “will drag many others (SMEs) into default, or what would be much more serious, informality as the only possible way to survive.”

For that reason, the CAME demanded that “this provision be reconsidered to protect the already damaged national productive system, responsible for 70% of Argentine employment.”

On the other hand, the leaders of the entity presented to the owner of the AFIP his concern about the embargoes that are being executed even in areas of water emergency.

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