The government recognizes that there are two wings that compete

The attempts to cushion the beginning of the year with some code of coexistence between the ruling party and the opposition clash with the electoral needs. Except for the project so that by the end of March the Congress has approved a reform of the system so that the companies can whiten the contribution of money to the campaigns – a need of all for the drought that followed the scandal of the notebooks – the rest is only rispidez.

Just sat Rogelio Frigerio and Emilio Monzó in the dining room of Miguel Pichetto on Tuesday, the Peronists feigned the guests DNU signature of extinction of domain: “That is not us – they apologized – is the other wing of the Government ” It is the first time that the existence of “wings” in the administration is recognized at these levels. The signing of this decree was an idea of ​​Elisa Carrió, which were kept between September and February with two objectives: 1) prevent the Peronism of Deputies left without votes to the project of that chamber and be validated the Senate, considered less rigid and 2) Cornered Peronism, in the middle of the campaign, to make it appear as a defender of the bad guys in the film.

That DNU has a new date for treatment in the bicameral this week, but the opposition does not yet have the votes to turn it over. In the review that made the table of known topics, Pichetto warned of the inconvenience of presenting the draft of the new Criminal Code. The senator argues that a rule of that importance does not have to be discussed in an election year, because the search for votes denatures everything. In addition, he warned smiling, that project is going to reopen the debate on abortion, because it has clauses that the anti-abortionists consider permissive. “If you want to reopen the issue, there you are,” said Pichetto, who is one of the proabortionists of the Senate.

Dujovne is reluctant for companies to finance themselves with AFIP rates
Representatives of the ruling party recalled that there are two labor projects that do not have a frontal rejection of Peronism: black laundering of employment and agenda for controlling health expenses. The Peronists of the table who were, in addition to Pichetto, Rodolfo Urtubey and “Camau” Espinola, responded: That talk to the unions and come back. That’s Dante Sica, it was the replica. To close the rispideces, Pichetto defended his project of declaration of a fiscal emergency for the companies, with retouching of interests for delay and suspension of judgments. “Do you want to be competitive electorally? Look at the situation of SMEs, “said the senator. He complained about the resolution of the AFIP of the previous Friday that had increased fines for delay.

At that point, the Government had already made a promise of a downward adjustment, but the table did not depart from the Treasury’s argument: 1) that entrepreneurs finance themselves with the AFIP because the delinquency rate is lower than the financial rate is a irregularity that can be understood, but not justified; 2) the resolution was signed after the rate had dropped almost 30 points, not when it was higher. But you could not wait any longer. They conveyed the idea that Nicolás Dujovne will not admit that the resolution, which increased the rates for debts to the AFIP, is modified. With this climate, the envoys of Olivos did not touch other perhaps decorative sides of the relations with Congress, such as the delay in sending the bill to reform the Organic Charter of the Central Bank. One of the conditions of the agreement with the IMF is the sending of that project, although not its approval. This project is in fact a legacy of the era of Federico Sturzenegger, and toughens the requirements for the impeachment of the president of the entity and puts restrictions on financing to the Treasury, in the same terms that the government now fulfills, even without that law. But in Congress and with the Peronists, let alone the Central Bank, which has all its directors in committee. Until Sturzenegger, the president had agreement. But the sheet of Guido Sandleris is in limbo. Peronism understands that giving it an agreement for five years, in the middle of the crisis and the end of the government is not viable. If Cambiemos wins the elections, they will only revise this temperament.

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